We can’t get well!

I’ll be taking Diva to the doctor this afternoon. Her cough just isn’t getting any better, she’s still got a stuffy nose, and she’s not sleeping well. Last night, she woke up crying, and she felt warm and was sweaty. Her temp was okay, but it makes me wonder if she might have been running a fever and broke it. This morning, she’s been coughing, the nose is runny, and she’s eating everything in sight. Hm.
Well, she’s got a sinus infection. He said her chest sounded relatively clear, so that was a relief. He had to clean her ears with that loop, it’s been a long time since that’s had to be done, and she didn’t like it one bit. Amazingly, there is still a tube in her right ear canal…we’ve thought for months that both tubes were completely gone. I asked him if there was anything else that I can do myself to keep her ears clean (and Monkey’s too, both my kids have a major wax problem!) because I simply can’t stand for a doctor to have to loop her ears. Anything I can do to avoid that is fine with me. He mentioned sweet oil, a couple drops in each ear a few times a week helps. I found a bottle of that at the pharmacy and snatched it up fast, since it was the last one I saw. We’ll be giving that a try! He’s trying her with Augmentin…this is an antibiotic that she hasn’t had since she was about 5 months old, with one of the never ending ear infections. It messed her stomach up so bad then I have been terrified and refused to let any doctor give her that since. But she’s older now, a lot more healthy in general…and he felt this was really the best antibiotic to clear up this junk completely, along with the very mild left ear infection. He’s prescribed a low dose, but basically two rounds of it to get rid of everything. I hope so.


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