Well, that’s random

Hm. Diva had to be picked up early from daycare today…she suddenly developed some weird rash this morning. Had it happened yesterday, I could have left work to get her myself. My husband tried to make me believe that it just had to be a side effect of the antibiotic she’s taking. Oh, please. If it was gonna cause a rash, it would have happened before she’d been on it for two weeks. We were told that no other kid in the daycare has had any illness that involves a rash, just the usual sinus, respiratory, and ear infections.

She hasn’t been around any other kids except for daycare. She didn’t have a rash last night, and her dad didn’t see any rash when he got her up this morning. She hasn’t been sick with anything. I called my mom this afternoon when I got a break at work. Mama said that her cheek still looked a little red, and she could see a faint rash on her stomach and back.

So as soon as I got home, I looked her over completely. The rash is very faint, but it’s just about everywhere…the only thing on her face is a generalized red area on one cheek. One thing comes to mind, and that’s fifth disease, but I have no clue where she would have gotten it from. Guess I’ll be calling the doctor tomorrow.


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