And people wonder why I’m crazy…

Okay, so Diva slept really late today. That’s the only thing that’s out of the ordinary. I don’t see any signs of a rash. Anywhere. So I don’t guess I’ll go trekking off to the doctor’s office.

Oh, and she is in rare form today as well. In the two hours since she got out of bed, she has pitched fits because: 1) I didn’t get her breakfast to her fast enough; 2) I can’t magically make the stinkin’ Doodlebops come on the instant she wants them to; 3) I apparently took far too long to look her over for the mystery rash; 4) her daddy isn’t here. She has yanked two ornaments off the tree, thrown her sippy cup (empty) at me when I told her she couldn’t have more juice this morning…yeah, it’s gonna be one fun day.

I have a headache.


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