It’s the Flu again

I was about to head off to bed last night when Monkey came running in the living room crying. His face was red and he kept going on and on about mountains and monsters.

Oh, crap.

I quickly realized as he climbed up into my chair that he was hallucinating and he was burning up. He was talking to me but he wasn’t really awake…the last time he did this, he had 104 temp and the flu. I laid him on the couch and checked his temp with the ear thermometer and got 100.1. I knew that couldn’t be right, he felt much warmer and he wouldn’t be hallucinating with that low of a fever. Once he had calmed down a bit, I checked his temp with the regular thermometer…102.8. Out comes the Tylenol and Motrin. Half an hour later, he was up to 103.4. In he goes to a bath. I start getting very nervous when my kids fevers get that high. In the bath he started smiling and seeming to feel better, and sure enough his temp had come down to 100.9. By 2 am he was down to 99, and I felt okay putting him to bed.
I didn’t sleep though, maybe two hours. We got up this morning and rushed around to get ready to head to the doctor’s office by 10 am. I must have never had to go on a Saturday, because I had no idea that the phones go directly to answering service on Saturdays, and they just tell you to go to the office. Thing is, the office is only “open” from 9 am to 10 am, at which time they lock the door. As long as you’re in by 10, your kid is seen. I didn’t learn any of this until almost 9:30 am, and the office is a good 25 minutes from here! Needless to say, I’m glad I didn’t see any cops on the way, because I was flying…I signed him in at 9:45.

That place was jam packed; all you could hear was coughing, and everywhere you looked there was a sick kid with his/her head on his mama’s shoulder. I heard some of them say that they had been there since the place opened up. I was expecting a long wait, as there’s only one doctor there on Saturday…we weren’t called back until almost 12 pm. By that time, the tylenol that I had given him this morning had worn off, and I didn’t bring any with me. I don’t know how high it got, but I knew his fever was going back up. Thankfully, our regular ped was the one there today, and his nurse pretty much agreed with me that he probably had the flu. She didn’t even wait for his call to do the rapid flu test on him, she just did it…within minutes she came out and told me it was positive. So we never even had to wait for him to see us in an exam room, she wrote out tamiflu scripts for all four of us…he walked out, took one look at my child and glanced at his chart, and signed the scripts.

JB is at the pharmacy getting everything filled. Monkey piled up in the bed as soon as we got home, and at last check his temp was 102.9.

*update: 6pm* He slept a while, and woke up long enough to take his tamiflu and motrin. Around 5 pm, he broke the fever, and is now hovering around 99. He just fell asleep on the couch again.

*update: 9pm* At last check, his temp was 97.8. He finally woke up, and is now happily watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on TV.


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