Not much better

After all day of no fever, Monkey spiked back up to 102 this afternoon. Our church’s Christmas cantata is tonight, and I have debating taking him all day. I finally decided around lunch that if he had not run any more fever by tonight, that we would go. At almost 4 pm, he told me he didn’t feel so good anymore…sure enough, his cheeks were flushed and he had 102 temp. He was so upset because that meant he couldn’t go to church, and eventually he settled into a corner of the couch and went to sleep.

He’s up now, and down to 100.6. I was talking to my mom earlier, and telling her that I really didn’t know what I should do about tomorrow. At least he’s not missing school, since they finished up Friday; but I really need to work. She then told me that my dad is off work all this week, and that she was probably taking tomorrow off herself, and that we should just take him to their house tomorrow. That works!


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