Hanna Claus came to to town

Merry Christmas!

I am writing this on my NEW LAPTOP! Last night, after we had opened up all our gifts with the kids and they had gone to bed, he ran out to the garage and lugged in a big Dell box to me. I was a little upset at first, because we had agreed on one small gift plus our traditional ornament for each other…a laptop computer kinda trumps my gift of House Season 2 to him, even though that’s all he said he wanted.

He has wanted to get this for me for a long time (I guess my griping about my dinosaur running too slow and not having enough memory or hard drive space got on his nerves). We got our desktop back when I wasn’t using a digital camera to take gazillions of pictures, I wasn’t using Photoshop all the time to work on those pictures and make my scrapbook pages….so let’s just say my needs in a computer have changed over the years! He told me that if I slow this computer down and use up the entire hard drive, I have a problem! I’ve never been a fan of his laptop because I can’t type on it well and I don’t care for the mouse pad thingy…but so far that isn’t a problem on this one.

We went to the in-laws house for Christmas with them last night. My oldest nephew didn’t feel too good though; he and my son go to the same school, and knowing how rampant the flu was before they got out for the holidays I have to wonder if that might be what’s up with him. The kids had so much fun. Diva got a play vacuum and broom set from her aunt, and that so far has been the hit of Christmas with her. She’s cleaning everything. I’m starting to think my sister-in-law is a genius.

Afterwards, we came home to open up our family’s gifts. The kids got a lot of clothes; I got them both a lot because they really needed them (especially Diva, the child is growing like a weed). They also got some from their grandparents…so I’m spending the day doing laundry before we go to my parents house tonight!

We also drove out to the boonies last night to watch a light show…the owners of this house have a ton of lights up, and they have it all set to music. You drive up, tune your radio to a certain station, and the lights blink to the music. Pretty cool. These people even had a Santa Claus, an elf, and the Grinch walking around greeting people and giving out candy. The Grinch walked up to our car, looked through the windows, and turned on a flashlight under his face and started talking goofy. Monkey thought it was hilarious, Diva was visibly freaked, until he walked away…then she laughed hysterically.

This morning, she was the first one up. She went in a woke up her brother…actually, she screamed at him, “Bubba, Hanna Cause here! Get Up!” They both had so much fun playing with all the stuff. She got a Zack & Cody video (she has a crush on Cody) and she kept walking around with it yelling out “Suite Life!” Monkey got lots of Cars stuff…pajamas, a play shave kit, the movie, the playstation game, the soundtrack CD, and some viewmaster reels.

Obviously, I have been playing on my present for a while now. Diva is cleaning everything and feeding her baby doll giant checkers in her new high chair, Monkey is running his Dukes of Hazzard remote control car into everything. JB and my brother are working on the PS2, which doesn’t seem to be running the Cars game for some reason.

Time to go do another load of laundry, and try to find some places to put all their new stuff…yikes.

Christmas Morning


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