What a day!

We got up this morning, dropped Monkey off at my parents house, and headed for the doctor’s office. He had told me to be there at 9:30 am, and we got there at 9:15…there was only one other vehicle in the parking lot. I was glad about that, and I thought that meant that she would be seen pretty early and we’d be on about our day. Both my husband and me went, because she gets kinda unruly in the doctor’s office on a normal day…if we were going to be stuck there for hours I was not going in there alone!

Ha. Ha ha. We waited in the parking lot a bit, then another car pulled up and all of a sudden it became a mad dash to the door to be the first in when they opened. The doctor didn’t even get there until almost 10 am. Diva was actually the first one called back, probably just because they couldn’t find the first kid’s chart. I told her everything that was going on with her, and she took us back to a room. Oh, I forgot to mention that she sat on the potty for an hour this morning (we took turns sitting with her while the other got ready), and she even took two bites of her breakfast there too. Kinda yucky to think about I know…but the doctor wanted us to try to bring in a sample if we could. We couldn’t. I was so worried that they might have to cath her to get something. But the nurse just put a little sticky bag on her first thing, and said she would get what she needed from that when Diva went.

Half an hour later, the doctor had seen her, and wanted to do a flu test just to be sure. BTW, that test was negative. We had checked before he walked out, and no pee in the bag yet. We checked again after the ten minutes it took to get the flu test result. Still no pee. They told us to keep her drinking, and we’d just keep checking. By 12 pm, we had checked the bag a million times, and still no pee. Every so often the nurse or the doc would pass by us, give us a look, and we’d say, “No pee.” She’d been through 2.5 cups of juice, and some water, and she still had not gone in almost 5 hours. I knew she had to, she was just holding it in. Finally the doctor said she would eventually go, just leave the bag on, and he gave me a cup to take to the hospital lab. He gave us an antibiotic, not to be taken until after she had done the deed, of course.

We then headed for my parents house, just in time for dinner with them. JB and Diva both took a little nap after dinner. Around 2:30, my brother’s girlfriend was holding Diva, and she started squirming around. I gave her a few minutes, then checked the bag. Nothing. I was trying to move the bag to look closer and all of a sudden my daughter started wigging out and I saw the bag filling up. I ran to get the cup. When I got back, SIL, Mama, and JB were holding her, and the bag was starting to overfill! She ended up filling the bag, half filling the cup, and still peed on SIL’s jeans and the floor. So after we got the bag off Diva and cleaned everything up, my brother and I drove to the hospital to drop it off at the lab.

She has been a much more pleasant child since she finally went pee. I got home around a quarter to five, and she has been laughing, playing and cutting up ever since. No fever at the  moment. Antibiotic started. Just got to hear from the doc tomorrow about the results to know for sure.


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