This is NOT good.


When I asked the pediatrician this afternoon if he needed to see Diva in his office for a follow-up or if he just needed to repeat the tests again to make sure the infection is gone…well, I certainly didn’t expect the answer I got.

Yes, he does have to repeat the tests. I knew that, but I guess I was kinda hoping that I wouldn’t have to go through that again. That first cup o’ pee was very hard to obtain, and I don’t look forward to somehow getting it again. He’s pretty much leaving it up to me just how (cup or bag) and when (this week or next) and where (his office or the hospital lab) to get this done.

That ain’t all.

Because of the way her culture results came back, he also wants to get an ultrasound of her kidneys and a VCUG. Silly me, I’m just listening to him talking about this, not really knowing quite what it is, and I’m just nodding and saying okay, uh-huh, okay. I guess I was just thinking it was simple, non-invasive ultrasound and that was it. Nope. This is going to involve a catheter, an IV, and probably sedation. It will check for any possible damage to her kidneys, and also check for reflux. Oh, boy.

I’ll have to talk about it a little more with him before I let him do this to my baby. He did tell me that it is now recommended for girls under 6 years old if they have a UTI, when at one time it was two UTI’s under 6 years. He’s telling me that if he can manage it, he will try to get it scheduled at the hospital on a Saturday, so that he can be with us when it is being done.


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