Holy Schnikey

Well, after speaking to the doc today, it looks like we are going ahead with the VCUG.

He reviewed her chart and labs from New Years day and assured me that he wouldn’t be recommending that we get this done on her if he really didn’t think it was necessary. I’ve taken the kids to him for almost two years now, and he has never steered me wrong. The nurse called me at work this afternoon, and asked me when I wanted her to try to get it set up…he apparently forgot to tell her about the Saturday thing, because she seemed surprised when I told her that he had mentioned to me about about having it done on a Saturday so that he could be with us himself. She said she would check with him, and let me know the date. He also must not have mentioned to her about the possible sedation…because when I said that was one reason he wanted to be there with us, she said, “Oh, so you want her to be sedated?” Um…well, do you need to talk to the nurse who had to put the bag on her the other day at the office? Because I’m sure she could tell you that yes, My child should be somewhat sedated before anyone comes near her with an IV and a catheter. Otherwise, somebody could get seriously hurt, and it probably wouldn’t be Diva. I’m just sayin’.

In the meantime, there is a little baggie and a cup sitting on the counter. Yep, time to collect again! I certainly do NOT look forward to it. He mentioned just getting her to go in the cup, but I know my daughter, and I know that ain’t happening. I’m thinking that I’m going to somehow con my mother into helping me get the bag on her tomorrow night, and maybe she’ll go sometime during the night, and I can take the stuff to either the office or the hospital lab that day. This all hinges on the child doing what I want, when I want. HA HA. Fat chance.

She totally wigged out on me last night because she apparently thought her washcloth was something evil trying to float over and get her. I’m talking she almost pulled me into the bath tub with her, people! Tonight I could barely finish dinner because she kept just getting up, running around, and acting freaky. She was obviously on the playground at daycare quite a bit today, and let’s just say that I think she’s eating sand. I will leave the rest to your imagination.
I have spent the majority of tonight slathering my son in his steroid cream (that we usually use for his excema) and dosing him up with Benedryl. He played at a friend’s house yesterday, and when he got home he was nasty…so I helped him get a shower (he thinks he’s so grown with showers). An hour later, I noticed he was scratching his back and his stomach a lot, and when I looked he was all broken out in welts. None of that had been there when he got in the shower. By the time he went to bed, it was all gone. I got home tonight, and he’s broken out again. Who knows what the heck this is about?

When I finally got a moment to sit down, after the kids were both bathed, covered in various creams, and vitamins and any necessary medicines down the hatch, and in bed….the only thing that has been running through my mind…

JB heads to Atlanta tomorrow. I am by my dang self for two days. Holy schnikey.


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