Choosing My Battles

We all overslept this morning [read: Mama overslept because she is used to two alarm clocks blaring instead of just one] and we rushed around getting Monkey ready for school. Truthfully, Diva went in her pajamas and a jacket, because she was still very much asleep and she wouldn’t be getting out of the truck anyway. I had kinda hoped that maybe she might sleep a little more after we got home, but that’s not happening.

So far my morning has consisted of: battling with her over what she wanted for breakfast, only to have her just not eat it at all; wiping a snotty nose at least 50 times already; trying to persuade her to eat breakfast, or at least drink something, to no avail; attempting to check her temperature a couple times with the crappy ear thermometer, which seems to be kaput; checking that stupid little “sticker bag” every so often for the slightest trace of pee, and of course, that totally makes her mad.

I have imposed a time limit on that bag. If there is nothing there by 10 am, it’s coming off regardless. I knew full well that it would likely be empty when she woke up this morning, but if the bag was not there she would have gone already. She’s just holding it again, and that’s what he thinks could damage her kidneys (if there is damage, that is). I have a feeling I’ll be removing an empty bag, and I seriously doubt the cup will get filled either. I have just about come to the conclusion that if they want pee, they gotta go get it.

Which reminds me…I forgot to mention that the tests are scheduled. They wouldn’t do the renal ultrasound on a weekend, so that was set for Monday (1/22) and the VCUG was set for Saturday (1/27).


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