I want to wake up now.

With everything that has been going on this past week, and me just not being in much of a mood to do anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary.

I forgot to mention the renal ultrasound Diva had done Monday morning.

Of course, after the awful weekend, both my husband and I were somewhat in a daze the whole day. She did as well as could be expected. She freaked out a little when I first laid her down on the table for the guy to do the scan, but once he got started, she realized that this little thing going up and down her sides of her tummy didn’t hurt and she relaxed a little. Well, she still held onto my hands for dear life, and stared alternately at him then me. It was when we had to straighten her legs out for him to scan her bladder than she really let loose. Needless to say, the tech agreed that having her a little sedated for the other test is probably a good idea.

He talked to me through the whole thing. He said her kidneys look fine, her spleen was a little enlarged (which he said could be related to infection, bladder or the recent RSV I don’t know), and she had sediment in her bladder. That he said, could be whats making her not want to go, because it could be scraping and hurting her. I talked to her pediatrician about it the next day. He told me not to worry, but he wants to get another sample from her. I just grit my teeth and told him if he wanted it, it would have to come from a cath because I was not going to put another bag on her. He said we will do that along with the VCUG.

Later that day, he found me and said he was having a problem getting the stuff he wanted to have made to sedate her for the test, so we would have to reschedule it. We did, and now it’s set for February 3. This sucks because I’m supposed to work that day, unless I can manage to switch with someone (which isn’t likely). He promised me that once it gets started, the test won’t take long; JB can bring her, get her registered, he’ll get there and they will start giving her the stuff to sedate her, he’ll call me to come down and be there for the test, and afterwards I can get back to work, JB can take her home.

I’m just ready for this all to be over and her to not have any more problems.


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