Oh please!

Well, Diva has an appointment with the pediatrician at 2 pm today. Can I just say that I am so tired of doctor’s offices and hospitals?

She (and therefore, I) barely slept Saturday night because she was constantly coughing. I got up at least three times to check on her, because it would sound like the coughing was gagging her. We have continued the every four nebulizers, but the problem has been that the daycare apparently doesn’t think she needs them that often. Despite the med sheet I filled out at the beginning of last week, stating that she is to get nebulizers the rest of the week at 9 am, 1 pm, and 5 pm, if she is there that late, after Wednesday, they only gave her one a day. Thursday wasn’t too big a deal because my mom picks her up at 3 pm, so she gave her one then herself. JB called and blessed them out about it, and I called. Sure she was getting better for a while there. But guess what people? She has asthma, and this bout of RSV has just set her way back. If her parents tell you that she needs nebulizers every four hours, you better give them to her every four hours.
Anyway. Along with the return of the horrible cough, she’s extremely congested, and she got up from her nap yesterday with a 101+ fever. I just went ahead and called myself out of work for today. I really need to work, my next check is really going to be crap (left an hour early Tuesday for visitation, only worked 7-12 pm Wednesday for the funeral, and now I’ll miss today).

This morning, she hasn’t had any fever, but the coughing is still just as bad as it was. She didn’t sleep much again last night.


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