Never thought I’d want to go to work!

So another day at home with Diva tied to the nebulizer has passed. This is becoming quite routine for us. I have to go back to work tomorrow, and I think she is okay to go back to daycare for the day.

Guess I forgot to come back here after we got home yesterday. She has mild bronchitis now. Another round of antibiotics, which she has already had two doses of, and guess what? Continue the nebulizers! He did give her some wonderful cough medicine, and she really slept last night better than she has in days.

Something that really burned me up, though. While we were there, I just asked the doctor if he’d gotten the radiologist’s reading of her renal ultrasound. I had already talked to him about it, I was just curious to know what the radiologist thought. He went through her chart, didn’t see it…the hospital had never faxed the result over to him! He had us wait in his personal office for a bit, while he and his nurse tried to get the report sent over.

M’kay…never been in there before, and I was a nervous wreck the whole time, afraid she would destroy one of his little knick knacks. Anyway, after about 20 minutes she was going nuts (she didn’t get to finish her nap before we had to go to see him) and I just told him that I would be home the rest of the day and today too, and he could call me when he got the results. At 6 pm this evening, his nurse called me, she said the hospital had finally sent the report over around 4 pm today! They shouldn’t have had to be called for it, they were supposed to send it as soon as it was read. It didn’t say anything different than what I already knew.

Ever have those days when you almost can’t wait to get back to work, just for a little normal adult activity?


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