Well, Diva had the VCUG done today. Everything actually went well. JB breezed through registration (since I had already gotten her pre-registered), and by the time I got downstairs from my floor they had finished doing the x-rays (to check for any structural abnormalities) and she was working on the sucker the pharmacist made with versed in it. We sat in the waiting room a bit, let her watch some Doodlebops, talked to the pediatrician, and once she’d gotten most of sucker gone we headed back to radiology.

And there we waited. And waited. And waited. She was obviously drowsy, but there was just way too much going on…too many people, too much stuff to look at, for her to even nod off. The ped was waiting, the nurse was waiting to put the catheter in, the radiology tech was waiting to get started. They finally turned every single light source off, and let JB lay on the bed with her (for some reason, she goes down for naps and such better for him than me). Still nothing. They finally ended up giving her an oral dose of 4 mg versed. Within about 15 minutes, she realized she felt funky and tried to sit up, and let’s just say that let us know really quick that she was feeling the effects.

The nurse couldn’t get the catheter in right away, and the ped actually put it in. Diva felt it, and I know it had to be uncomfortable because she gripped my hands and squirmed a bit…but she didn’t cry or fight them. I just leaned over her and talked to her while holding her hands in mine. Then we all had to put on the lead aprons for the test. I wasn’t especially fond of the radiologist that came in to do the test, but that’s neither here nor there. It was interesting to watch as they ran the contrast in through the catheter, but that’s probably just the nurse in me! At the point where her bladder was filling up with the contrast dye, she quietly said ‘Ow’ and “stop it”…a few seconds later, she pushed that dye right out past the catheter…and the best thing of all was there was NO REFLUX into her kidneys!!! You can only imagine how I felt when he said that! They did get a sample from her when they put the catheter in, and he sent that off for analysis, culture, and a calcium test…I guess I’ll hear about that in a couple days.

We got her up and got her dressed…it was like dressing a 30 pound ragdoll! She was awake, but very drunk! The ped had to go up to my floor anyway to make rounds, so we just took her up there with him. By the time we got up there, she was ‘entertaining’ my coworkers…she was laughing, giggling, and talking up a storm. She was still slurring a bit, and one look at her eyes and you could tell she was drunk! By the time the ped had made his rounds, he came back to check on her. He put his arms out to her, and she went right to him and let him hold her a while. That is something she just doesn’t do! He laughed and admitted that the next time she sees him, she’ll be burying her face into my neck to hide like always.

JB brought her home…when I talked to him later, he said that he’d had to pull over twice on the way home because she unbuckled herself from her carseat. I figured she’d crash once she got home…he said she never did, in fact she was pretty much wired. She fell asleep about 20 minutes before I got home from work!


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