RIP Tony.

Yesterday started off okay. After about 10 am, though, it all went downhill very, very fast.
I got through my cpr class in about two hours, which is the quickest I’ve ever gotten that renewed. I think I will be going to the local hospital and taking the class from the EMTs from here on out. Much easier, quicker, and less getting barked at by a drill sergeant of a teacher.

As I was pulling out of the parking lot there, I turned my cell phone back on, and almost immediately it rang. It was my brother, which told me right then and there that something was wrong…he never calls me during the day. He was near frantic because he couldn’t get hold of me…he’d called the house three times, tried me at work (obviously, I wasn’t there) and then because my cell was off, he couldn’t get me there either.

My cousin’s husband was killed in an accident early yesterday morning, and although he didn’t have many details he wanted to tell me. When I got home a few minutes later, I called my mother, and ended up having to get off the phone with her because we were both crying so much. The three of us decided to get some food and other stuff to take over to my cousin’s house around lunchtime. During the time that we were there, they all seem to be holding up okay. My aunt gave us some more details about the accident, and put to rest the one thing that I couldn’t get off my mind. I likely won’t be able to go to the funeral, since it will be Friday…I go back to work Friday and we are already too short staffed for me to miss. At least I’ll be able to go to the visitation Thursday.

We stayed there for a long time, and came home to try to beat the storms that were coming in. My mom had just dropped me off at my house and driven off when the bottom fell out of the sky. I had just gone into the kids’ bathroom to clean it up a bit when I heard stuff slamming into the house. I looked out the window and crap is just flying everywhere. It was trash pick up day, so luckily they were all empty (!) as about ten garbage cans were being tossed up and down the street. My front yard looked like a lake. It got really, really loud for a few minutes, but I never saw anything else funky. They haven’t confirmed that a tornado came through here, but driving through the neighborhood this morning, it sure looks like it.

A couple hours later, my husband comes home, after going to the doctor because he didn’t feel good. He’s got the FLU. We are avoiding him like the plague, I can’t afford to get sick, and I sure don’t want the kids sick after we just got them both well.

I haven’t even turned the TV on at all today. Every time they come one with one of those little news blips they show the truck that Tony was driving. I saw part of it yesterday, before I just couldn’t watch it anymore and had to leave the room. JB did hit the record button on the VCR in case I want to see it later. They’ve run a couple stories on the accident ever since noon yesterday. [the first one, the second one.]

Holiday? What holiday? The kids are both at school/daycare (Diva went because she has her Valentines party, and I don’t want her around her daddy right now). Forget Valentines Day. I think I’ll just curl up on the couch and go back to sleep a while.


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