I’ll do better, maybe

I haven’t been very good at keeping this updated lately. Life happened!

  • Diva: She is still just as demanding as ever. She is a little talking tornado, even though we still can’t understand a lot of it when she gets excited. She is doing well after her procedure in February, we haven’t had any more issues with that. She did have another bout with bronchiolitis in late February/early March, and that meant more nebulizers and such, but she got over it fairly quickly.
  • Monkey: He started his 3rd year of T-Ball this month. Daddy is one of the coaches again. They are in practices now, games start next week. I thought they would be called the Blue Jays, but I’m hearing they will be called the Drillers instead. He got a new pair cleats, and to me they look huge…I was stunned when they fit him very well. He continues to do well in school. He just had a report card, and needs improvement on his seasons, but that’s about it.
  • JB: Like I mentioned above, he is a coach for our son’s t-ball team. He had a bout with the flu in February, but got over it pretty fast. I don’t think I mentioned that he saw a new neurologist in February, as well, and had his yearly MRI. It’s been a while, but I think I remember him telling me that they saw no new lesions…but this doctor had something else scanned (his neck maybe?) and saw lesions there…the first doctor didn’t have that area scanned last time. The neuro said those lesions have likely been there the whole time, we’re just now seeing it. He also said that the presence of those lesions means that the damage to his leg (the numbness and tingling that he’s had the whole time) is likely permanent.
  • Me: I have been busy with work, but I also did a little something for myself this past month. I took a plunge and purchased myself a nice camera, and I’m finally going to try my hand at this photography thing. I have a number of people asking me to do some pictures for them, but I haven’t scheduled much because I’m still learning the camera. I am planning on doing a maternity session for a friend of mine soon, she was recently placed on bedrest so I am waiting for her to tell me when she wants to do it.

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