They make a cream for that.

Okay, so we all know Monkey has eczema…we have gone through numerous creams to finally find the right one that clears it up. But if you know me, then you know I don’t throw anything away for the simple fact that I might find a use for it one day. So yes, we have a drawer in the kids bathroom dedicated to various creams.
We have finally gotten him to be a little independent when it comes to his excema. He is the first one to know if his skin itches, and we have told him when he feels itchy he should go get his tube of cream and rub some of it on the itchy spot (this is usually the backs of his knees.) When he is having flare ups I tend to leave the tube right there on the counter, right where he can reach it but Diva can’t. He hasn’t needed to use the cream in a couple months.

I only wish that I could have seen the look on his Daddy’s face when he walked into the bathroom yesterday morning to find Monkey rubbing Preparation H cream on his leg…instead I had to settle for the mental picture in my head when my husband called me later at work to tell me.


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