Scary Moments

JB just got home last night from his week long business trip, and thankfully turned down their ‘invitation’ to go back for three days on May 14. Thank goodness, I’m not ready to go through this again so soon, and neither are the kids. This week wasn’t quite as bad as I was imagining, but it was difficult all the same.

Monday at his t-ball game, Monkey was hit with a line drive to the neck/chin area. He is perfectly fine now, but it was scary. He really wanted his Daddy there, and had to settle for me šŸ™‚ Monday night also started the series of apparently random fevers that Diva has had this week…that was it, just off and on fever. We finally got her into the doctor Thursday, and he said her throat was a little irritated, and her right ear was very mildly infected. We got some antibiotic ear drops, which she is fighting all the way every time we have to put them in.


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