Diva woke up this morning with a nasty sounding cough, so despite having several things planned for today, I kept her home with me. She’s eating fine, no fever, and the cough sounds better…just a little bit of a runny nose. Weird, since she was fine yesterday. So no trip to the grocery store, no meeting this afternoon (which doesn’t bother me, really, I am quite sick of work this week.)

I called today and had the text messaging feature taken off my cell phone.  I’ve been annoyed about the amount of spam text messages I get almost since I got the stupid phone number from C*ingu*lar, but apparently I could never be bothered enough to do anything about it. Well, almost a year later and I got a huge bill for almost $90…which completely pissed me off because I really don’t use the damn phone that much anyway. I only keep it because JB makes me. Yes, this has been happening every month for almost a year, but maybe because last month, I got not one spam text message for some reason, and my bill was just over $40. Then to get slammed with one almost $90 was the last straw. So I had it removed…part of it kinda sucks, because with that was also removed any ability to send pictures through the phone (which I have really only done a few times anyway) and she also disabled the internet feature. She asked me about this one, and I told her to do it…I rarely use it anyway. She assured me that this should stop any form of text messages from coming to my phone. We’ll see. I should have checked into getting the voicemail feature fixed, but I guess I’ll save that for another day.


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