Family reunion this morning. Interesting, to say the least. When we left the house, all you could really see was smoke in the air. I took two Benedryl today, and that seemed to head off the itching a little bit, but I knew when I had to take the second one. There was a good many folks that didn’t show up. We were halfway through eating lunch when a whole herd of the Florida people showed up…maybe they forgot the time we ALWAYS have the reunion? They are all so freaking weird. I rather enjoyed the reunions until they started coming a few years ago.

Family Ties

We all came home and crashed. I didn’t mean to fall asleep, but I did. JB ended up not going to choir practice because he woke up too late. So much for sleeping well tonight.

Diva was mostly fine today. She slept a good while after we got home…and then about an hour ago, she peeked at me from around JB and something looked kinda off about her eyes, so I asked him if she felt warm…sure enough when I checked her temp it was 102.3. Lovely. I gave her some Tylenol, and my last check was 101. She acts like she feels a little better, and put in to go outside and swing a bit…but I had to come in because I started itching again.


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