Best Week Ever!

Nope, no VH1 celebrity info on this edition of Best Week Ever.

Monkey started 1st grade this week. So far it seems to be going well. He hasn’t brought home any homework yet, I think that’s supposed to start next week. But hey, we’ve already got a fundraiser to do! Geez, seems like they get earlier and earlier.

Diva is having a wonderful week. I don’t know what happened with her, but something has apparently clicked with her on the potty training stuff. I think what may have helped is that a younger girl just out of high school took it upon herself to work with her. Room move ups took place last week in the daycare, and unfortunately, Diva and one other child were left in the 2 year old room simply because they weren’t potty trained. So that meant most of her friends were in another room, and she wanted to go with them. Miss Megan told her point blank that she couldn’t go in there with her friends if she was still wearing pull ups. The next day, she was asking to go to the potty, and doing everything right. It isn’t that her regular teacher wasn’t working with her, because she was…she just wasn’t having any luck with her, and neither were we. Maybe sometimes it just takes somebody new to get through to her. They tell me now that if she continues to do well for the next week or two, they will move her up into the 3 year old room.


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