Now say it with me: I was right.

My husband had a sleep study done a couple weeks ago. Just as a little history: at the age of 17, he fell on some bleachers at a football game (just weeks before I met him), and broke his nose. He now has a deviated septum, and saw an ENT several years ago about his frequent sinus infections. Oh, and he snores like a freaking freight train every single night. The ENT back then recommended a surgical fix, that would fix his septum and likely ease the snoring a bit. But did he have the surgery? NO. And here we are, five years later…the snoring is much worse, often waking me up out of a deep sleep. Now though, its not just snoring. It’s constant tossing and turning, scratching his legs, and let’s just say that when he rolls over in the bed, the entire thing shakes. So if I wasn’t already awake listening to the snoring, I would wake up when the bed is shaking for sure. I can’t tell you how many nights I have just taken my alarm clock and pillow and camped out on the couch just so I can get a decent night’s sleep…unfortunately, my back can only tolerate that so much.

Anyway. A couple weeks ago, I guess he finally got tired of me nagging him about how little sleep I’ve been getting and that its all due to his snoring and constant moving, and his neuro set up with a sleep study. Well, it took them a good while to get back to him on the results. He finally got the doctor’s result today…and guess what?

He told him the exact same thing that I have been telling him for the last 8 years: STAY OFF YOUR BACK! If need be, I will get him a body pillow or something to keep him on his side…I’d do just about anything for decent sleep at this point. Oh, and he recommended seeing the ENT again to discuss options to fix his septum.

He called me at work today to tell me. I know it really had to just kill him to tell me that I was right all along 😉


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