More Wedding Stuff.

I found out Tuesday at the bridal shower that I was supposed to take my brother’s engagement pictures. Nobody had bothered to tell me this since I last talked to him about it, so I was apparently the only one in the dark about this. Well, they came over this morning, too late to go to the park for any outdoor pictures (it’s too freaking hot). So since I currently only have the one black background, that would have to do. I didn’t get as many good shots as I wanted, partly because JB decided to go out to mow the lawn at that very time, so we were having to work around my kids acting all goofy; and partly because my brother is not a “picture guy”. Getting him to actually smile in a picture is quite an accomplishment. He doesn’t like to smile in pictures because it “makes his eyes disappear”. Well, okay, but in the meantime, you look like a pit bull! (I have told him that for years, but he doesn’t listen.)

It was only after I finished the pictures that they told me they were no longer planning to put the announcement in the newspaper. Huh? I thought that’s what the big rush was, to get it in the paper before September. I gathered that there have been more disagreements in the wedding plans, which made my brother mad and he now refuses to do the newspaper thing.

I’m serious, if any of us make it all the way to October 20, all in one piece and still talking to each other, I’ll be surprised.


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