Photo Day

After church today, I met my sister-in-law at the local park to take some pictures of her and my nephews. She hadn’t had any pictures made of the two boys together in a long time, nor any of her with them. And on the plus side for me, I don’t have any recent pictures of either one of them framed up in my home…so this works to my advantage too 😉

Let me say a few things: It was hot hot hot, especially when we had to move out of the shade of the trees; I have always thought I had two of the most handsome nephews ever, but now I really think they should be little models, lol; I have learned after today to make sure all chewing gum is thrown away BEFORE I try to take pictures of them again!

We were only out there maybe a little over a half hour, but it was so hot that they started getting a bit cranky and a little uncooperative, and a lot goofy. Just when I would think we were done (and I could go get my cold bottle of water out of my Jeep) one of the boys would come up with an “idea” for a picture…most of which involved the playground equipment.

I am about halfway through proofing them now, since that is mostly what I have been doing since I got home this afternoon. I have a few more color shots to get through, and then I’ll do the black and whites. But since I have to go back to work tomorrow, the rest of the proofing will have to wait until tomorrow night, maybe Tuesday.

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