A few things to be extra excited about this week:

  • I finally got fed up with my cell phone service carrier…why should I pay mega bucks more than what my plan is supposed to cost, when I have had to discontinue a few bells and whistles due to their stupidness? I had to take text messaging off, no internet access, which pretty much makes the camera part of the phone worthless to me, since I can’t send them to anyone. Crappy pics anyway. So, I’m going to bite the bullet, fork over the early termination fee (since the jerks extended my dang contract a few months ago when I took the stuff off my plan without telling me), and be done with them for good. The mere thought of not dealing with them makes me sooooo happy. (oh, and FYI…this written out version is much cleaner and nicer than what I was actually thinking…lol)
  • I am getting this way cool phone this week. Actually, I got the email today telling me it shipped out a day early!! Woo hoo! My friend L. let me play with her phone today (I knew she had gotten a new smart phone but I didn’t realize that I was getting one just like hers until she showed me) and I am so freaking excited about it. And yes, I get my bells and whistles back!
  • Due to an issue with another nurse, I was asked if I wanted to take tomorrow off and work today instead. I don’t normally make too many schedule changes, but I did this time…people, I have had two very good days at work in a row! When I go back Thursday there is no telling what trouble lies ahead, full moon this week and a holiday next week…I’m skeered. But hey, I’m off tomorrow!
  • One of my best friends (who currently lives over a half hour from me) has been sorta kinda looking for a new house in my area…one that is a little bigger than what she’s in now but a good bit less expensive. Put it this way…my house is bigger than her current house, but in my area it cost like $30 thousand less. Everything is way overpriced where she is now…houses, daycare, everything! Anyway, last week, a house on the street before mine went up for sale…it is a beautiful house, two story, garage, covered patio, fenced in back yard…and I mentioned it to her. We called the realtor yesterday from work, and was shocked at how low the price was…she talked to her hubby about it last night, and they now have a walk through at 10 am tomorrow. She wants me to come with them, and I told her I would if her husband didn’t mind…I haven’t been in that house since I babysat for the family who built the house when I was in high school. I hope they like it, and I would LOVE for her to live near me…in that house she’d be a quick walk away!

Well…there’s a few other things running through my head, but they’ll have to wait till tomorrow…I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes open long enough to post this!


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