Weak Stomach? Read no more…

The relatively good mood that I was in most of the day? Yeah, well it’s pretty much gone now.

For starters, J. is in Atlanta until tomorrow night. Luckily, they had the decency to tell him about this trip in plenty of time for me to take off work today and tomorrow. And we all know how much I hate to be by myself in this house. Just don’t like it, never will.

I picked the kids up this afternoon, we came home and ate our snacks, Monkey did his homework, then they played and watched a little TV. Then at 6:20 pm, I announced that it was time to shut the TV off and take Monkey to Cub Scouts. Well, Diva chose that moment to have a complete meltdown. I’m glad I did this a little early, because it took me the next 15 minutes to calm her down. So we get to the place, walk in, and immediately we were hit with HOT air. There is no air conditioner that I could ever see in that building…they had all the windows and doors open. OMG. I felt like I was going to pass out the majority of the time that we were there…imagine poor Diva, who is extremely hot natured…sweat was pouring off of her within minutes. We’ve never done the Cub Scout thing before and this was their first meeting, so I had no idea how long we were supposed to be there. That tiny, hot building was filling up quickly, it was getting harder to breathe by the minute, and she was *this* close to melting down again. Once the leader started talking, I realized that we would be there a while, so I called my mother…who thankfully came and rescued Diva…but not without her pitching an ever loving fit as I was trying to strap her in the truck to go.

An hour later, we finally left, and went to my mom’s to get Diva. It’s after 8 pm, and I told Monkey that we were not going to play or run around with his uncle or any of that stuff, because we needed to get home to feed the pets, take baths, get lunches ready for tomorrow, and pick out his clothes for picture day. HA. In one ear and out the other. Half an hour later, we finally leave Mom’s and come home.

As we were pulling onto our street, I realized something smelled funny. Honestly, it was dark when we were walking out to my truck at Mama’s, so i kinda wondered if somebody stepped in some doo, KWIM? So once in the garage, I hollered out that nobody goes in the house until I see their shoes! Well, there was no doo on any shoes, but I still smell something funky. I start to help Diva out of the truck, and when I put my hand on her arm I realized her shirt sleeve was wet…thoroughly confused, I get her out into the light of the garage, and see that at some point she had gotten sick.


Puke. On my daughter. In my Jeep. Now on my hand. Oh somebody help me, please help me fight off the nausea and don’t let me get sick in front of my kids…I may be a nurse, and I have a very strong stomach when it comes to most things, but puke ain’t one of those things. In our house, my husband thankfully does Vomit Patrol most of the time.

So anyway. I herd the kids into the house, strip Diva down and throw her clothes in to soak, quickly bathe her off…then Monkey got in the bath, while I went to the garage and tried to clean up my truck without making the problem worse. When I came back into the house, the whole bathroom floor was wet. So in the middle of trying to dry that up, Diva announces that she has to go to the bathroom. She still refuses to use the big potty…she has to use her little potty that we have to empty out. Well, it was #2. Just Fabulous. I clean her up again, then emptied the little potty. As you can imagine, my stomach is already in knots, so I’m heaving the whole time. Both the kids were standing there asking, “Mama are you okay?” repeatedly. I wanted to say, Well, no, not really, my darlings. Mommy’s not okay, she’s trying her best not to puke all over the place in front of you two, actually…but somebody is not making it very easy on her.

I didn’t say anything…just finished what I had to do, flush flush flush, and hurry out of the bathroom. Oh, on the way out, I caught sight of myself in the mirror…my face? It was kinda like a mixture of the green and white on this page. I’m so ready for them to just go to sleep so I can go lay down in a dark room and forget this night ever happened.


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