Wild Adventures

Our Family at Wild Adventures So we took a little road trip Saturday, and went to Wild Adventures theme park. Diva has never been there…so that tells you how long it has been since Monkey has been. He didn’t seem to remember much about it, even though we went all the time when he was little.

(Somebody asked me why we took Monkey all the time when he was a baby/toddler, and yet we had never taken Diva. Well, it’s because they are two completely different kids… we could take him absolutely anywhere, and he adapted to the situation or place with ease, I was constantly told how well behaved my child was. Diva on the other hand…let’s face it, she’s never been what anyone could call well behaved, in almost any situation. She refused to ride in a stroller at least 90% of the time, and toting her around a theme park all day is not my idea of fun. And there’s also the fact that J. didn’t have MS when Monkey was a baby…I always worry about making him walk through a park all day in the heat, so I never plan trips there when it’s extremely hot.)Abby on the elephant ride

Anyway…Diva did surprisingly well for her first trip, and without a nap, too! She wanted to stay on all the rides, many of them she wanted to go again as soon as she got off. Luckily we were able to do that because the lines weren’t long at all. She only pitched a fit at lunch, and refused to eat the pizza the rest of us were. In our desperation to get her to eat something before we took her out for a day of theme parking, we caved and got her a chocolate ice cream pie thing. It was all she would eat! If we’d been at home, she would have sat right there until she ate the pizza or there would be nothing else. I felt kinda bad about it, but you do what you gotta do sometimes. She finally crashed in the truck on the way home. She woke up once, raised her head up, and sleepily said, “I had fun, Mama!” before going back to sleep. Austin on the Safari train

Both kids had a blast. Monkey got to ride on a couple of little rollercoasters with his Daddy. Diva rode on one ride all by herself, because her bubba was too tall to ride with her. We saw several shows while we were there, Diva really liked those. When she started getting really tired, all she wanted to do was ride on the train, So we finally made it across the park to take them on the Animal Safari Train ride…where they take you through all the animals and tell you about them.

Oh, and all of the pictures are over on my Flickr page, if you want to see them. If you aren’t already marked as friend/family, let me know.

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