Well, that was one doctor visit that completely threw me for a loop.

I walked in there with Diva, so sure that we were looking at nothing more than just a skin reaction…it’s not like she hasn’t done something like that before, right?

I talked to the first nurse about everything that had been going on with her, and she could look at her and see the bumps and spots on her face. Once we were in the exam room waiting for the doctor, another nurse comes in and asks me if she can do a rapid strep test on Diva. She said they had seen a lot of strep cases lately. I agreed to it, but I thought it was odd, because what would her bumps and spots have to do with strep?

Apparently, a LOT. The nurse didn’t come back in there to tell me what the result was…but the doctor came in and looked in her ears, which were fine; looked at her throat, which was red; and finally he looked at the rash that was still on her stomach…her back was no longer red but just bumpy. He immediately said that he thought it was strep, progressing into scarlet fever.

WHOA. Back up there, a sec, doc. I know I had to have the dumbest look on my face when he said that…but honestly, strep was the last thing that entered my mind. Neither of my kids have ever had it; I’ve always associated strep with a high fever, and a severely sore throat…not a slightly runny nose, and a rash. She’s been eating like a horse the last few days, so obviously her throat can’t hurt that bad, and she never had a temp over 99.6 on Saturday. I guess he could tell that I didn’t believe him, because he went out and got the strep test and showed me that it was positive.

Maybe I just need to stick to what I know!


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