Red puffy spots…

Okay, I can’t even get the passworded post below to work for me. Who knows. Oh well.

We have an appointment at 1:45 with the pediatrician. Last night Diva’s bumps and rashiness seemed to get a lot worse, especially on her face. Her eyes even started looking quite puffy. I called a friend of mine to ask her advice (her youngest has a tendency to get strange illnesses) and she thought if it was really a reaction to the hay, benedryl and cortisone should have helped it…which is what I thought too. She wondered if it might not be some type of viral thing.

She slept late this morning, a sure sign that she still doesn’t feel great. She usually rises with the sun. Her eyes aren’t quite as puffy and the spots on her face look a little better. I called the office this morning with the intention of talking to the nurse first (because I hate trekking the kids to the doctor and then feeling like it really could have been handled over the phone)…but a few minutes into the conversation she said to be safe he’d more than likely want to see her. Which is kinda what I figured, but sometimes I just need that validation…

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