The week in review:

Okay. There’s been quite a lot going on this past week!

Tuesday: JB is still out of town, the kids spent the night with my parents (so they wouldn’t have to get up at the unhuman hour I have to get up for work). I’m trying to get to sleep and JB calls to tell me that his dad had let him know that his cousin had been killed that afternoon in an accident. I knew him, but honestly I think the last time I saw him was when Monkey was a baby. It took me a few days, but I finally managed to find an article online about the accident. They say they don’t know why he lost control of the truck, but we now know he had a heart attack.

Wednesday: Another rough day at work…JB comes home, and is mad because nobody knew he was coming home in time to take the kids to church that night, so Mama brought them to me. I guess maybe the next time he’ll make his plans a little more clear and much more in advance, since obviously nobody knew what he thought they knew.

Thursday: Since we had planned to go to Amelia Island without the kids originally, we pretty much thought we weren’t going…our babysitters were now going to be in Jacksonville for the funeral. They kept saying that they could take the kids with them, but I didn’t feel comfortable with that. That night, we decided to take them with us, and just leave Friday after Monkey got out of school…I mean, how often do you get to stay in a two story condo right on the beach for free? Diva was out of our sight that night for 30 seconds, and she came back with a chunk cut out of her hair…she had gotten hold of her brother’s little safety scissors. A quick trip to our friend the hairdresser, and she now has short, but kinda cute bangs.

Got Bangs?

Friday: I spent the day washing laundry, and packing. Since we were leaving so late in the day, I kept my doctor’s appointment. I now officially have high blood pressure. Wow, three years of trying to get someone to pay attention to what I was saying, and this doctor felt like I seemed to know what I was talking about. Never had a problem until my 3rd trimester of Diva’s pregnancy, and then my BP’s shot up…even after having her they never really got much better. In the doctor’s office, it was 146/106. Very much not good for a 30 year old, not overweight person who really doesn’t eat salty, fatty, of fried foods. Sometimes it’s all family history. She put me on a month’s worth of Micardis HCT, to see how that does. We left for the beach soon after I got home from there. Let me just say that portable DVD players in the car are the best thing ever. That was the quietest 3 hour drive I have had since having kids!

Saturday: JB got up that morning to go to the funeral. The kids and me hung out in the gorgeous condo, watching movies and exploring. When he got back, we got ready to head out to the beach…that’s when I realized that I had forgotten to pack the bottom part of my bathing suit! So it was a top and shorts for me. The kids loved the beach. We now have two buckets full of seashells to show for it. I was reading a book on my towel, while they were off collecting, and felt the tide come to my feet. It barely touched my toes, just once, so I wasn’t really worried. Ten minutes later, water was rushing all the way up to my neck! I was only mildly irritated, and then I saw my camera case (with my tote around camera inside) laying on the towel…I had forgotten to put it back in the beach bag. Needless to say, it’s pretty much shot I think…sand in the lens probably. I managed to get the pics off it at least before it went kaput. That night we took the kids to play mini-golf at the coolest (and longest) golf course I’ve ever seen.

Sandcastles and Waves

The in-laws were still in Jacksonville, and offered to take the kids home with them so J. and I could go out by ourselves one night. We asked them, and they both wanted to go…which I admit, hurt a little! We intended to go eat at one place, but couldn’t find it, and ended up eating somewhere else. Upon leaving that place, we found the little road that led to the place we originally wanted to go. Huh.

Sunday: We spent the morning cleaning up the condo, washing the sheets and towels, sweeping the floors, etc. The downside of not staying in a hotel with maid service I guess! We hit the road about 12 pm, after lunch, got home around 4 pm. We unloaded the truck, and went to get the kids. The rest of the day was of course rather lazy.

Today: JB is still off work, but took off to do his own thing. I couldn’t talk him into going with me today. I had to get some blood drawn at the doctor’s office, and in a bit I have to go get the bridesmaid dress fitted, get groceries, and I wanted to check out the new Halloween store in town and see if they had anything there I might like for the kids.


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