A somewhat better day

Yesterday morning, as soon as I got to work, I checked my BP. It was already 90/60. So naturally, I didn’t take the blood pressure medication! I checked a few times throughout the day, mostly at times when I started feeling clammy and generally yucky…it never got above 117/79. This morning, I had to go to a class at work…I had planned to get there a little early, go up to my floor and check my BP before the class started. Well, I overslept, so that didn’t happen. I noticed once I got settled into my seat in the class that I had a dull headache starting, like right behind my eyes…wondering if my BP might be trying to go back up without having any medication in my system for almost two days, I went ahead and took the lisinopril. And honestly? I have felt fine pretty much all day. No episodes of feeling clammy, fainty, or anything. (Well, except for that moment in the dressing room when I apparently lost my mind and thought I could fit into a medium sized shirt when I clearly couldn’t…almost couldn’t get that sucker back off!) I did manage to pick up an automatic blood pressure machine this afternoon, for me to keep at home. Two checks this afternoon were 117/69 and then 111/74. Maybe I’m starting to level out and get used to having a normal BP.

I did a bit of shopping after the class let out. I intended to just get some gift bags and a gift card, and I really needed some sort of bra to wear under that horrible bridesmaid dress for my brother’s wedding. I’m getting it fitted tomorrow and they tell me I need to “bring the shoes and whatever undergarments I’ll be wearing” with me. Whatever, just take up the straps and let’s be done with it already. Should I ever have to be in another wedding, I will likely hurt the poor bride if she tells me I have to deal with this bridal shop again. I can’t stand the place.

Well, I found what I needed, and then went to Old Navy. A friend of mine had on a shirt she recently got from there, and I loved it. I wanted these shoes too, but the smallest size they had was a 7. So no go there. From there I went to JCP, and got two more dressy shirts, that I’ll probably wear to some of the many bridal showers I have to go to…it was there that I had the dressing room incident, and visions of someone having to come and cut the stupid shirt off me, while telling me that I should know not to attempt to put on clothes like that. Yeah, everything else I tried on was a medium too, no problems but with that one stupid shirt. It was just made different or something! Really!

I guess I need to get to work on this house. I have so much that I need to get done. There likely won’t be time for it this weekend…I have the dress fitting, and we have two bridal showers this weekend.


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