Bug out

In case anyone might have wondered about my posting spree yesterday…I’ve had a lot of downtime with the computer the last few days.

I didn’t mention it, because, well, it’s yucky…but I have been sick, sick, sick since late Saturday night. When I went to bed that night feeling a little queasy, I really just thought I’d eaten too much at the wedding reception and then at my parents’ house later. Well, I felt yucky all day Sunday too. Yesterday was so much worse, and today isn’t going much better.

I certainly won’t go into detail but last night it struck me that this might possibly be rotavirus…it’s been going around lately, and a friend of mine just went through it with her whole family early last week. I called her this morning, and she said that it sounded just like what she had, and she was sick for four days. It seems odd that it starts with me, and not one of my kids…but I’m praying that neither of my kids gets it. But this is definitely not something I ate, and I’ve had food poisoning twice…this is definitely not that either.

I had to leave home yesterday to take JB’s tux back to the shop, and I planned that trip for when I could go get the kids at the same time. I was gone for a half hour, tops…during that time, I was hit with several bad stomach cramps and a few waves of nausea…so it was a quick buckle of the kids into the seats and rush home before anything bad happened! (and no, nothing bad happened.) I was supposed to meet with The Boy’s teacher at 3:30 today for parent teacher conference, and I called a little while ago to leave her a message that I wouldn’t be able to make it there and asked for her to call me if possible. I’m not even going to attempt to leave home today…MIL picks up the kids on Tuesdays, so that worked out.


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