Well, it’s 3:30 pm. When I called the school this morning to let the teacher know I wouldn’t be coming to conference, I asked them to have her call me instead…I guess I’ll see if that happens.

Monkey is a good kid, behavior and schoolwork. That’s not what I have an issue about. My issue is actually with another kid in his class. Basically, the kid is a little hoodlum…Monkey has come home recently telling me about this child throwing chairs around the classroom; he said that one day in music class the child held a chair above Monkey’s head and was about to push it down when a teacher saw what was happening and stopped it. The child has punched another kid in the eye. My son says he goes to the principal’s office every day. I freaked out a little when he told me that they had cameras in their classroom so they can watch this kid…then J. reminded me that it was a public school and there are probably cameras in all the classrooms.

I don’t want to overreact, and there have been times when Monkey has over exaggerated things. I guess that is just what I wanted to find out from the teacher, if this was one of those times or if he was telling the honest truth.


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