Who knew?

Maybe other people knew this, but it was news to me…

I watched Leno last night, and I am pretty sure it was a rerun…Hugh Laurie was on, and towards the end of his interview something was said about his show premiering in a few days. We are all about some House, MD around here, so I knew that the premiere had already come and gone. I watched it anyway, because I hadn’t seen this interview (and frankly, I love listening to Hugh Laurie talking!)

Anyway…Hugh Laurie is in a band. With Greg Grunberg from Heroes (which we all know is my favoritest show). And James Denton from Desperate Housewives. And that guy from the Bachelor. And there’s a woman in there too, but I really don’t know who she is. They are Band From TV. How funny is that? They have a couple songs on Itunes, so I gave them a listen. Not exactly my taste in music, but they are alright.

Just wanted to share, in case there are any other Laurie/Grunberg/Denton fans out there like me…


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