Holding myself accountable…ha

My plan for today…is really pointless because, really? Do I ever follow it and manage to get everything done? NO. But maybe if I write it down, I’ll pretend to hold myself accountable to it. It sounds good in theory, right?

  • scale Mt. Laundry…this involves walking around the house for 20 minutes collecting clothes from each bedroom, under the kids beds (sometimes, in them) and pushed into the closet floors, the floor of my closet (thanks, honey), both bathrooms, and then whatever they have randomly left in the laundry room. Heard of a hamper, people? No? It’s the little basket/Shrek bag/princess pop-up that you all have to put your dirty clothes in, but none of you ever use. And my husband wonders why I’m in a bad mood on laundry day.
  • clean bathrooms…this is a chore I hate worse than the laundry. And I admit to neglecting it for two weeks now…in my defense I was sick for five of those days, working four of them, and an emotional wreck about my little brother getting married for two days…and well, the rest of them I was just being lazy.
  • follow through with the threat I’ve been holding over the kids heads for a week now: clean your rooms or whatever is still in the floor Wednesday is going in a trash bag. I did this several months ago, and in order to get their stuff back they had to keep their rooms clean for a whole week. Monkey got his stuff back the next week…Diva didn’t get hers for two weeks. I don’t have the heart to actually get rid of their stuff… but last time it did make them think a little before trashing their rooms for a while. Today, I only see a handful of things in Monkey’s room out of place, but Diva’s room? OMG. I’ll be in there much of the day.
  • get groceries…I haven’t gone on an actual grocery buying trip for two weeks. Just little quick trips to the local (crappy) store for little things that we were out of. I hate doing that. I just haven’t had the time or the energy to drive half an hour to the store, shop for an hour, load my truck up, drive half an hour home, unload the truck, and then put everything away. Geez…I get tired just typing it all out.
  • get finishing touches for the kids’ costumes: I wasn’t aware until last night that these were necessary. I didn’t see why a fake plastic sword had to be purchased for the ninja costume, but apparently it does. And damn the people who packaged the Diva’s costume…the girl in the picture is holding a dark red (maybe black) flower, and there is no such flower packaged with the costume. False advertising!!! Don’t they understand that once my 3 year old sees that stupid flower she absolutely must have one at all costs?
  • figure out why my backspace key is sticking…since last night it will barely press when I touch it. Very annoying. I didn’t realize how much I actually used the backspace key until about 10 pm last night when it stopped working unless I push it with all the force I can put on it.

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