Kids will say anything.

And they really could care less who hears them say it! Last night, while walking around in a store…my daughter spied a man that apparently looked pretty interesting to her. He had a long blonde ponytail, and he wore a black patch over his left eye.

I think it was the eye patch that caught her attention more than anything. She gasped loudly, looked at me so seriously, and yelled, “Mama, he’s a pirate!”

Oh, sweet night. I hurriedly starting pushing the cart (Diva in the seat) away, praying the man might not have heard what she said, but knowing that EVERYBODY had to have heard her. As I turned the corner, I saw the man still walking behind us. I kept trying to distract Diva, and for the most part, it worked for a while.

Three times, we stumbled into that man’s path. Three times, Diva would see him before I realized he was nearby, and loudly announce that there was the pirate, Mama! It was just the most amazing thing in the world to her.

Makes all those times in public restrooms when she tells me, “Good job, Mama, I so proud of you!” a little less embarrassing…


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