Things that make you go Hmmm

I read this story in the newspaper the other day when I had small window of downtime at work. Its one of those stories that at first makes you cringe when you read it, then you start picking it apart and find it mildly humorous. (well, I did anyway, and so did my coworkers at the time.)

“A dentist was dancing to a song on the radio while drilling on a woman’s tooth, and she wound up in the hospital when the drill bit snapped off and lodged near her eye, a lawsuit alleges.”

Okay. If you know me, or you have read my blog over the years, perhaps you know that I have major issues when it comes to pretty much anything to do with eyes…so as you can imagine, reading about a drill bit becoming lodged near this woman’s eye really made me cringe.

“As Trusty drilled, he was “performing rhythmical steps and movements to the song `Car Wash,'” which was on the radio, according to the lawsuit. Then, Fanning heard a snap.”

I don’t think I should have to say anything about that. Just picture it. Seriously.

“Trusty tried to use a metal hook to pull the bit out, but that only pushed it farther up, driving it through the sinus and bone near her eye socket, the lawsuit alleged.”

Oh. OH. Sounds like a cheesy horror movie, doesn’t it?

And…his name is Dr. Trusty. That alone was enough to send me over the edge.


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