I think we are in trouble.

Earlier tonight, I handed Monkey a few catalogs and told him to go through them, circling things he might want for Christmas this year, and his birthday in early February. He’s at that age where he seems to go for the techy toys, and quite honestly, I’m at a loss this year as to what to buy for anybody. (I just don’t know what to get him, and with Diva it’s more a fear of buying something with too much freakin’ lead in it…she’s still that kid that puts everything in her mouth.)

He’s still circling things. It’s been over an hour since he started. I’ve peeked a few times, and I’ve seen the pen go around several camo things, lots of trucks, and odd little gadgets. I explained to him that just because he circles it, it doesn’t mean he gets it. (*eta* this is the list that I compiled from his circles so far…minus a few outrageous items.)



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