It's time.

I got phone calls this morning from two former coworkers…

First call: T. was letting me know that the case management job was officially open. I’ve been checking the job site every day for a week and I haven’t seen it, but she said she had talked to the manager about me and told me to give her a call. I never got the chance today because I was so slammed at work, but days like today are definitely making me want a job change.

Second call: A. was calling to get me set up with auditing a childbirth class. I have to either sit in on 6 weekly classes or one all day Saturday class. Being able to sit in on 6 classes is not likely to happen with my current schedule, so I’m probably going to do an all day class in January…since I can’t make the one in December.

I wasn’t completely sure about either of these things, and honestly I’m still not. But I’m not happy with the way things are now, and maybe this is my chance to change it.


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