Reason #431 and counting

This day has been just plain rough on several different levels…and you have no idea just how glad I am that it is finally drawing to a close.

I have charged the floor the last two days and I have felt like I was being yanked pulled in fifteen different directions at once. Today was much worse than yesterday, and more than once I caught myself in moments when I was *this* close to breaking down and losing it.

The last few days have only served to make me want the case management job even more. Unfortunately, I have been so incredibly busy I haven’t been able to call the manager to talk to her about it. I have heard several times from two people that they have talked to her about me, and then I heard it from a third person today…so I’m guessing I’d better get off my duff and call her tomorrow morning!

I’m pretty sure this guy at work was flirting with me today. It was just odd. He’s been coming up on our floor this week checking machines and such. He explained to me what he was there for the first day, and otherwise, no one has heard a peep from him since. Well, one of many crappy situations today ended up with me being stuck in a room on my own, with this guy in there working on machines. I got my stuff done, and got out of there, because I knew he was staring at me and it was creeping me out a bit. Ten minutes later, I had to go back in there, only this time I had to be in there a while…and he was still there. Honestly, I had a another “crisis” happening so I was pretty much ignoring him, but then he started talking. And now, I know his name, where he is from, how long it takes for him to drive back and forth to work, that he was in the Air force, and how long his days were there. Oh for crying out loud! I was really wishing he would just shut up so I could think, and finally, blessedly, another nurse walked in and he got quiet again. He finished what he was doing and left ten minutes later. She told me later that she’d hated to leave me in there knowing he was there because she’d had a feeling that was going to happen….she said before she left me there earlier he’d been “giving me the eye”. Whatever…


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