I did it.

I finally got a chance to call about the case management job this afternoon. I talked to the manager about the hours, and such as that. It’s a salary position, which is something I’ve never had before; I’d have to be at work every morning before 8 am (she said some of them come in anytime between 7 and 8.) She said that in the beginning, some days might be a little longer while I learn the job, but that I would be paid for any overtime worked. She didn’t mention weekends…but I’ve already heard that the weekends are rotated between everybody. She told me that it was posted online, and she wanted me to put in a bid.

This afternoon, that’s what I did. It took me a few hours to get it all done…I filled out the first section, and at the end of that, I was supposed to copy my resume in there. Uh, oh…problem! I haven’t laid eyes on my resume since 2004…when it was saved onto a floppy disk. None of our computers have floppy drives! I had already started to write it from scratch when J. finally remembered that he had some little drive in the closet…he hooked it up to his computer and emailed the saved resume to me. I was finally able to update and copy the resume into the application, and then I took a deep breath and clicked SUBMIT, thinking that was it. Then I was taken to page two…which thankfully didn’t take too long to fill out.

So I have officially applied for the job.


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