Another Saturday, another birthday party

It’s another birthday party weekend. I’m just about partied out, myself.

In September, we went to four birthday parties. October had three, and add to that the chaos of what felt like dozens of bridal showers and then the actual wedding, and I was almost to the breaking point! So far this month we have already been to one, and #2 and #3 are this weekend. I’m taking Diva to her friend’s party today, and J. is taking Monkey to his party tomorrow. At least, that is how we have planned it.

I had intended to go buy presents yesterday, but obviously certain circumstances prevented that from happening. Today’s party is at 2:30, so I guess I’ll leave a little early and run by this little girl (and her mama’s) favorite store and pick up a gift card. How long have I known about this party? About two weeks…yeah, I suppose I am a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to this stuff…


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