Once again…

I suck at playing tooth fairy. Really.

Monkey has had a loose front tooth for weeks now. It was the one that almost got pulled out when he was playing “puppy dog” with his sister. It actually tightened up a couple weeks later, only to get loose again recently. The basketball to the mouth on Friday made it was really loose.  Saturday at the church’s fall festival, his mouth apparently collided with his cousin’s head, leaving the tooth pretty much hanging by a thread. The way it looked, and the way he would barely close his mouth because of it, reminded me of the Nanny McPhee tooth. Sorry, I know that’s mean, but every time I looked at that tooth, that’s what I thought of!

We tried all weekend to get him to let us pull it. My husband got very close, but he bucked and we gave up. Monday they called me at work, and Monkey told me that he bit into his sandwich at lunch and it “just fell out! Finally. I can look at my adorable, snaggle toothed son without laughing silently to myself.

The thing is…I always forget to play tooth fairy. Since I acquired my debit card, I rarely carry cash anymore. Do ya think I remembered to hit the ATM on my way home? I told him that the tooth fairy must have been really busy last night, and she would come get his tooth tonight.

How bad am I?


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