There is a message on my answering machine from someone who I can only assume is the secretary for the department I applied for, asking me to call and set up an appointment for an interview.

She called this morning, right while I was in the middle of one of Diva’s meltdowns and unable to get to the phone.

It has not been a good day for me and Diva. Not good at all. Therefore, I have yet to find a moment to return this very important call….and so it has been hanging over my head all day. I get more and more nervous every time I think about it. One of our floor’s secretaries informed me last night that she’d heard I was looking for a job. I can’t imagine where she would have heard about it, since I have only told two people (the lady that is resigning the job, thus creating the opening; and S., who recently left our floor, who I was asking about the transferring process.) Neither of those people seem like the type to talk to this particular secretary about it. I played it off, but it really burned me up…I didn’t want everybody and their brother to know I was actively looking for a new job until I knew I had it. It is one thing that she knows…it is something entirely different that she blurted it out the way she did in front of two other people. I couldn’t sleep last night because it just kept running through my mind.

Anyway. I just sent Diva off to her room to take a “nap”…which means she stays in her room and tries to make me think she is napping. When she has been calmed down for a little bit, I’ll make the call.


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