It's all work.

By the time I finally got my daughter calmed down enough so that I could make the call, the department had closed and I had to leave a message. Which means I’ll probably get a return call tomorrow while I’m at work.

On a side note, as I was scrolling through my calendar looking for days that I am available for an interview, I realized something was off with next week’s work schedule. I heard the ANM tell me two days ago that I would be in charge Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I didn’t think much of it at the time. But today I realized that if I work all three of those days, I am also scheduled for Saturday after Thanksgiving…that’s four 12 hour shifts that week. I wasn’t even aware of it until a little while ago, but you can bet they’ll be taking me off one of those days. Not working overtime if I didn’t ask for it.


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