What a day…

This morning, Monkey and his daddy had a work day for a Cub Scouts badge. They got home around 1 pm, and soon after that we headed out for a photo shoot…J’s office administrator wanted some pictures taken of her daughters and their Christmas card.

Let me tell you…these were two of the most uncooperative little girls ever! One would look at me, the other wouldn’t. One would smile, the other would frown. And that was if her mother and I could get them to sit together long enough for me to attempt to get a shot! I’ve glanced through the pictures that I got, some I’m definitely happy with…others are going to the delete bin. I think I have enough that I can work it out. By the end of it, I was pretty frustrated, and the youngest girl was in need of a nap.

I never thought that I would meet a more difficult child to take pictures of than my own daughter…


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