There’s something about Diva

Further proof that if my daughter is being quiet and she is not in my line of view, I’d better get worried.

She crawled up in my lap a little while ago, and I noticed her hair looked strange. She’s very hot natured, so really I thought it was probably just sweaty. And then I noticed there was an unusual smell coming from her head. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was, and then I touched her hair. Sticky. I told her to show me what she put in her hair, and she happily led me into a corner of her room. As I looked at it, the smell finally registered with me…she’d gotten hold of a tube of Carmex, squeezed it all out, and rubbed it in her hair.

I felt bad at first, because I just knew I’d left my tube where she could get it. Then I realized that my tube was in my bag, which I had never gotten out of my truck after church. So it wasn’t mine. Two guesses as to whose tube it was, but you probably only need one…


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