Well, I did it. I went shopping today…my first ever Black Friday experience. It really wasn’t nearly as bad as I was thinking it was going to be. Oh, it was way more crowded than normal, to be sure…but I never stood in any long lines, and for the most part I was able to get around the stores alright. I found most of what I was looking for. There are two things for Diva that I looked for but never found…so I’m probably going to order those online.  I got a good chunk of my Christmas shopping taken care of today…now I just have my husband, my parents, and my brother/new sister in law to buy for. J. is going to handle his parents and his youngest nephew.

The interview went well this morning, I think. The manager seems to be very nice, very friendly and easy to talk to. She went into detail about what the department did, the hours, the general pay scale, the training, etc. She isn’t able to talk money, that can only come from HR; but she explained it to me…80 hours every two weeks regardless, I still accrue my PTO, and if I work over the 80 hours, I do get paid for it at my regular rate. Right now, weekends are rotated so that I would only have to work about every 14th weekend…she said it might change to every 7th, but that’s still better than what I’m used to! She did say that the opening was definitely for the two floors that I want, and I think my experience there with the doctors and nurses is a good thing for her. She said she has already interviewed two or three people that “interviewed well” but she worried would be overwhelmed by what goes on in those two units. She told me that she would like to offer me the job today, but since most of the HR people were not even there today nothing could be sent over…she also said she’d gotten another call about the job from a woman this past Friday, but she had not gotten an application from her yet. She said she’d give her until Monday, and if she hadn’t gotten anything from her by then, the job would likely be mine.

So…here’s to hoping that woman doesn’t put in the application! lol


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