I’m starting to think I might need to visit the ‘bone cracker’ tomorrow. You have no idea how much I hate that thought…but I’m in some kinda pain.

I think I might have gotten something out of alignment Friday…the only thing I can think of is that I was lugging my big bag (plus a bunch of shopping bags) and I tend to use the left side more than the right when I carry things. My back hurt a bit that night, but I didn’t worry too much about it. It really hurt yesterday morning when I got up to go to work, and at some point during the day I almost passed out from the pain that shot from my neck through my left shoulder blade when I turned my head to look at something. Then I was reaching back in my truck to pull my bag up front, something I do all the time, and that pain shot through again.

Today, it has happened several more times. It is so sharp and so sudden that it literally takes my breath away. Ever so often, I feel a funny little pop in my neck or upper back. I know some people are used to their backs popping but mine normally doesn’t, at least not way up there.

I went to the church straight from work to pick up the kids, since JB had choir practice…I was in so much pain that soon after I walked in, JB’s friend saw me and walked over to me. I asked him if he could try to pop my back, but he didn’t want to hurt me…so he called their other friend (who apparently does this sort of thing a lot?) and he popped it for me. I could feel it popping all the way up, and it was like so  much pressure was taken off, instant relief! It eventually started bothering me again a little while ago, and JB rubbed it and tried to pop it again. It did several times and felt better for a while.

Now I’m back on the heating pad after turning my head just right and having that burning pain shoot through my back again.

JB told me that he knew I must be in a good bit of pain if I was practically begging for someone to physically ‘pop’ my back, and still be seriously considering a visit to the chiro.


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