So much for feeling better.

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t feel all that great. My back and neck are still sore…this morning, I thought that’s all it was, just leftover soreness.

I eventually got up and tried to get some stuff done around the house. A load of laundry, the dishes, sweeping the kitchen…it was after that last chore that I started to feel the weird popping again. So I rested awhile. Felt better after an hour, and then I started working on my grocery list, so that I can go to the store and then pick up the kids in the same trip. Then it suddenly hit me that I had yet to take out all the Christmas presents from the back of my truck! Can’t exactly fit groceries in there, or let the kids get in with all that there. (Last night, it was dark and I threw my two jackets over the top part…don’t ask me why I keep two jackets in my truck, but it came in handy for a change.) So I lugged all of that stuff from the garage back to my bedroom, cleared a spot in the back of one of our closets to hide everything, and got that taken care of.

Yeah. Now the pain is definitely back.


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